9 Best Booties for Fall

9 Best Booties for Fall

1. Cut-Out Booties  // 2. Statement Booties // 3. Lace-Up Booties // 4. Sporty Booties // 5. Glamorous Booties // 6. Beige Booties // 7. Classic Black Booties  8. Black Buckled Booties //  9. Feminine Booties

It’s no secret that booties are a hot item for fall and while I initially was reluctant to join in on the trend, I caved and bought my first pair last year.  They were similar to these hidden heel booties and I ended up loving them (see a post on them here).  This year there are so many amazing booties for all price points and styles that I for see several new additions to my closet.

Still not convinced that booties are amazing?  Check out this pair of sneakers meet stilletos booties by Louboutin, I can guarantee you will at least gain a new appreciation for trend.


6 thoughts on “9 Best Booties for Fall

  1. Elise

    Great choices! Now you’ve got me inspired to go shopping for booties. I am moving from Thailand to Vancouver in one month, which means I can say bye bye to sandals and hello to boots. Yay!


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