Alaskan Rain & Wildlife

mountain view from a plane

To celebrate paying off my med school loans we decided to take a trip to Alaska. It’s by far the longest and grandest trip we have ever done. While I usually prefer warm weather and beaches, I had promised a college friend we would visit him in Anchorage as soon as we were able to. My hubby is a huge outdoor enthusiast so we decided to combine the visit to see our friend with the typical Alaskan adventures, which included a trip to Homer, glacier hiking, wildlife tours, and a stay at a wilderness lodge. I will be sharing all of the adventures on the blog, so stay tuned.

toddler flying

It’s always a bit nerve racking traveling with a two year old, but the little one did great! We separated the flights into three 2ish hour flights with 1 hour lay overs and it worked out great!  He had several pilots comment on his airplane PJs and he was loving all the attention from them.

pretty braided ponytail
porch flower planters

The first day of the trip it was rainy and cold. We spent the morning wandering the neighborhood marveling at the lush green grass and all the beautiful flowers that seemed to grow effortlessly everywhere.  Then we headed to the wildlife reserve outside of Anchorage.

rooftop garden
alaska mountains
black bear

It was set in the most serene location with 360 degree beautiful views. It had a wide variety animals, and included a huge bear observation station with both brown and black bears.  Five of the bears were hanging out around the observation deck, so we were able to get fairly close to them.

brown grizzly bear

brown grizzly bear

In New Mexico, I usually refuse to leave the house when it rains since it happens so rarely, but I had read that when visiting Alaska you should plan on rain and keep to your schedule because an entire vacation can easily be ruined by rain there.  I was so glad I had brought this 3-in-1 coat.   It is perfect for outdoor activity and I have worn it every day of our vacation.  I love that it can be taken apart to serve as a rain coat, fleece jacket, or put together for a cozy winter coat.  It is perfect for vacations!

*Family photos taken by our friends*


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