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All White Outfit Ideas

There is seriously nothing better than an all white outfit in summer, of course I love my black outfits too, but white looks so clean and fresh.  Wearing white is a little intimidating for me as a mom of a very active three year old boy, so I usually reserve my white outfits for days my hubby will be around so he can step in on “dad duty” when the little one is messy.  It’s also helpful to carry a Tide white stick in my bag, which easily cleans little muddy fingerprints off my white skinny jeans and white t-shirts in a matter of seconds.  I’ve also found that adding half a cup of bleach to an all white load of laundry occasionally works wonders for getting rid of tiny stains.

The hubby and I have really been getting into gardening.  We came across some retired wine barrels at Lowe’s that we had to have a few weeks ago.   After lots of debate we finally decided to put them down by the kiva fireplace in our yard and planted cherry trees in them to go along with our herb garden that’s in another section of the yard.  We don’t have green thumbs, but so far the trees look good and the herb garden is starting to sprout.  I am so excited!  We’re also considering planting a cluster of fruit trees down in the open space, but haven’t gotten to that yet.   It looks like we might be eating some of our own garden fresh fruits and vegetables by the end of the summer.

white everything outfit half up hairstyle bow curls brunette blonde highlights white tee + white skinny jeans + nude lace up heels + pink purse all white everything outfit New Mexico style blog white t-shirt skinny jeans casual dressy summer outfit ideasoutfit details: tee // jeans // similar heels // bag

More all white outfit items that are all under $100 and will make for perfect white everything outfits:


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