Beach Combing in Homer, Alaska

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While in Homer, Alaska (other posts from Alaska here & here), we stayed at the Ocean House Inn, which positioned on cliff over-looking the ocean with stunning mountain views.  In the evening we would follow the trail down from the cliff and walk along the beach.  It was serene and quiet since we were usually the only ones down there.  The little is obsessed with rocks and little treasures that fit in his pockets so his face would light up every time he discovered another shell, shiny rock, polished stick.

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We were told it’s against the law to pocket stones from Alaska and we definitely broke that law.  Every night as I was changing the little one into PJs I would find tons of stones and shells in his pockets.  I let him sneak a few into the suitcase to add to his collection at home!

distressed jeans plaid button down shirt rubber rain bootsalaska mountains beach outfit ideasTop (sold out, similar here)// Jeans // Boots // Little One’s Raincoat 

There is nothing better than a pair of sturdy rain boots for walking along a cold rugged beach and by pairing it with a super soft flannel shirt I felt like a rugged outdoors lady.


27 thoughts on “Beach Combing in Homer, Alaska

  1. Gabrielle

    How interesting it’s against the law to pocket stones from there! My brother used to collect stones/shells many years ago too and hide them in the pockets of his waterproof jacket on holidays haha 🙂 I love your checked shirt here and his yellow raincoat is adorable!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. Ada

    Love your plaid shirts, I don’t think one can have too many of them. Plus it is perfect for today as in Paidurday. Nice wellies too. Your photos of Alaska lately have been stunning. I want to go there myself.

    Have a great weekend Carly!


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