3 Accent Braids Tutorial (Dutch, Snake, Fishtail)

Braided Hairstyles

It’s no secret that I love braided hairstyles  One of my favorite ways to dress up a simple hair-do is to add an accent braid.  Most accent braids take less than 3 minutes and add a cute touch to straight or curled hair.  It’s also a great way to tuck away growing out bangs.

fishtail braidFishtail Accent Braid

snake braidSnake Accent Braid

Dutch BraidDutch Accent Braid

Today I wanted to show how I do these 3 accent braids.

Dutch: 0:15 // Snake: 3:23 // Fishtail: 5:17

Dutch Tutorial Steps:

  1. Do a deep side part.
  2. Gather a one inch wide section of hair in the area you want the braid.
  3. Divide the hair into 3 sections.
  4. Cross the outer section of the hair under the middle section
  5. Repeat with the other side
  6. Then add free hair to the outer sections and cross under the middle section
  7. Repeat with the other side
  8. Repeat steps 5&6 three times
  9. Finish the braid with a simple three strand braid and secure with a ponytail band.
  10. Make the braid larger and fluffier by pulling each section of the braid up and out.

Snake Braid Tutorial Steps:

  1. Gather a one inch wide section of hair
  2. Do a simple three strand braid angling the braid and your hands towards the back of your head
  3. Hold two sections of hair with one hand and the other section with one hand
  4. With the hand holding one section of hair, gently push up along the other two sections to make section create a zig zag
  5. Pin around the back of your head

Fishtail Tutorial Steps:

  1. Section out a three inch wide and one inch deep section of hair at the part line
  2. Divide section into two pieces
  3. Take a small strand of hair from the outside part of one of the section and cross it under to join the middle area of the other section of hair
  4. Repeat on the opposite section
  5. Repeat steps 3&4 until you have completed the braid and secure with a ponytail holder.

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