Braided Headband Tutorial

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Today I wanted to share a tutorial on this pretty braided headband hairstyle that I have been wearing a lot lately.  I’m using Euronext hair extensions from Sally’s Beauty Supply to make my hair fuller but you can do this tutorial without hair extensions too.  Sally’s also sells bouffant hair pieces that you can tuck into your hair if you like your bouffants really big or don’t like to tease your hair.

Supplies needed: 3-4 bobby pins, curling iron, teasing comb, hair extensions (optional)

Step 1: Curl hair.  I like to use a 1.5 inch barrel for this hairstyle to create well defined curls.
Step 2: Gather hair at top of hairline between each temple and tease in one inch wide sections to create a small to medium size bouffant.
Step 3: Smooth and shape bouffant from 1 inch above ears to top of head. Finish with hairspray.
Step 4: Pull a 1 inch section of hair from behind each ear and braid it (I use 1 inch wide extensions for these sections). Pull apart and pan braid to make braids larger.
Step 5: Pull one braid across the middle of the bouffant and secure with bobby pin behind opposite ear. Make sure a small section of hair is in front of the braid to create a more balanced hairstyle.
Step 6: Repeat step 5 with the remaining braid.

A few tips: For a thick full braided headband pull the braids apart and the pan the braids to make them bigger.  For a more delicate hairstyle make the braids tiny and don’t pull them apart.  You can use hair extensions for a more dramatic bouffant.

You can read more tips for achieving perfect braids here.

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I hope you like the hairstyle.  If you have any questions, leave them below and I will answer them ASAP.  You can see more hair tutorials here.


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