Clothes & Beauty Therapy

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The flu is no joke!  I got sick about 3 weeks ago with the flu and just as I started to feel a little better it progressed to full blown pneumonia.  It’s the sickest I have ever been.  The past 3 weeks have been a blur of laying in bed, doctor’s appointments, medicines, and pajamas.  I am so grateful for my loving husband and friends for taking care of the little one and house while I laid in bed all day, every day.  I’m proud to say I have successfully emerged and am starting to get back to normal.  Just braiding my hair and make-up and putting on a tee makes me feel a hundred times better………clothes and beauty therapy is definitely a real thing!

Thanks to everyone who has continued to drop by the blog.  Week day posts will continue now that I am not sick and in PJs all day.


One thought on “Clothes & Beauty Therapy

  1. Siffat Haider

    Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible! I hope you’re feeling much better! On the bright side, your hair does look beautiful – I’m so happy you’re trying to do things that make you feel positive 🙂


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