Brighten Up With Flowers

Top: Express // Pants: Express (old, similar) // Earrings: Custom made (Native American Market in Santa Fe)

This time of year I am seriously anticipating Spring and all the wonderful things that come with it like warm weather, colorful blooms, and pool time.  Unfortunately it will be several more weeks until all the Spring goodness arrives, so I have been brightening up the last few weeks of Winter with fresh flowers all over the house.  I’ve tried getting flowers from a few stores, but have been the most happy with the Trader Joe’s bouquets.  This bouquet was only $3.99 and stayed beautiful for 2 weeks, which is well worth it in my book!

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27 thoughts on “Brighten Up With Flowers

  1. Zanna

    I love having fresh flowers around the house–it just makes every day brighter! I almost never indulge in them myself but I always appreciate it so much when people bring fresh flowers when they come over for dinner or something…so much better than a bottle of wine as a gift 🙂


  2. Camille

    I can’t believe your flowers lasted that long, that’s amazing! Did you put anything extra in the water? Or do you just have that much luck with TJ flowers all the time?

    1. Carly Post author

      Every time I get TJ’s flowers it seems like they last so long. I just put the nutrient pack in the water and top off the water every few days


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