Brunettes Can Braid Too

braided hair

When I was learning how to braid, it seemed every tutorial I came across on You Tube or Pinterest was of blondes with braids. I would look at these pictures and tutorials over and over again and compare them to my failed braid. Searches of brunettes with braids resulted in very few inspiring finds. As I kept failing at re-creating beautiful braids, I finally asked my hubby why he thought my braids didn’t look like any of the pictures. He said something to the extent that maybe they would look right if I had blonde hair. After many failed attempts at creating beautiful braids (seriously the dutch fishtail braid took me 3 months to figure out!), I realized it wasn’t my hair color that was the problem it was my technique. I was rotating my wrists as I braided, so each braid ended up looking like an altered, messy rope braid like this one.

Also, I created another dutch braid tutorial, that is hopefully a bit easier to follow.

I hope you will pin the picture above, so there will be a few more brunette braids on Pinterest to mix in with the beautiful blonde braids.  Thanks!


16 thoughts on “Brunettes Can Braid Too

  1. Sierra

    As a fellow brunette I totally feel you! I think braids are gorgeous on brunettes too, and you look fabulous with yours! (fist bumps for the brown haired girls :))


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