Casual Donut Day

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Some days are just better started with donuts! We took these pictures several weeks ago when we decided to head to Duke City Donuts for a weekend treat. The little one was so excited he couldn’t stand still for more than a few seconds at a time, so we didn’t manage to capture any pictures of him but trust me when I say he loved his donut!

long chestnut brown hair donuts donut date donut date casual spring outfitTop // Jeans // Similar Sandals // Similar Hat

My go to pair of jeans have been these distressed jeans lately.  Usually I don’t like denim jeans because most are so uncomfortable, but these seriously feel like you are wearing leggings.  They are so flexible and their medium shade of denim with a good amount of distress makes them perfect to wear all year round.  They go on sale all the time for less than $50, so they are a great buy too.


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