Cheek Contouring Tutorial

cheek contouring tutorial

Cheek contouring is a popular topic right now.   I love how a contoured cheeks makes a face look useful yet dramatic.  I contour my cheeks every day and always get lots of comments on it.  After watching lots of complicated contouring tutorials, I experimented some and came up with a simple way to contour without needing all the fancy make-up kits.

Contoured Cheeks

Contour Make-Up Dutch Braid

Cheek contouring is so simple to do and you can achieve dramatic effects in seconds. You don’t need an expensive contour kit or tons of make-up and beauty products, just use your favorite blush and bronzer. See how I contour my cheeks in the video below and let me know if you have any questions.

Supplies: powdered blush & bronzer

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Apply a large amount of blush from the apple of your cheeks all the way along your cheek bone
  2. Brush a thin layer of bronzer directly under the line of blush.
  3. Lightly blend the blush and bronzer

Here are the products I used for cheek contouring and a few other of my favorite make-up products:


20 thoughts on “Cheek Contouring Tutorial

  1. tara belle

    oh, I totally need to practice this!! im the worst at contouring. great video.

    Tara Belle
    Northern Lights – Southern Belles


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