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Women's Cut Off graphic T-shirt

Three days a week I stay at home with the little one and those days are usually very busy with errands, play dates, and chores., so one day a week I set aside as our fun mommy-little one day.  These days are meant to be quality time between the two of us where I completely focus on just him and we do whatever he feels like that day.  It’s my favorite day of the week!  He usually chooses to go to the zoo or botanical gardens, so a comfortable outfit is key.  For last week’s fun day I wore this casual outfit styled around my favorite cut off t-shirt.  It’s already starting to be a little too hot for black skinny jeans, but I just can’t bear to stop wearing them because they are perfect for hiding the messy finger prints that come with being mommy to a three year old.  I seriously don’t understand how he manages to always be messy.  I will wash his hands and face, get him dressed and he will look perfect getting into his car seat.  Five minutes into being at the zoo he will have stuff smeared all over his hands, face, and pants.  It drives me crazy, but I try to remind myself getting into everything and being messy is all part of being a little boy.

casual spring outfit big beautiful side braid blonde highlights

I recently got blonde highlights.  It’s been so fun to do my favorite hairstyles, like this dutch braid (tutorial here), and see how different they look with the blonde streaks.  I will warn you though, blonde hair is addictive.  Now that I have blonde streaks, I just want to be more and more blonde.

black skinny jeans sleeveless graphic tee floral print sneakers edgy spring outfit Cut Off graphic T-Shirt black skinny jeans pink purse braided hairstyleoutfit details: similar top // jeans // shoes // braid tutorial

I love a cut off tee this time of year and Urban Outfitter’s always has the best ones.  Below are a few cut off t-shirt on my wishlist:


2 thoughts on “Girly & Tough

  1. Shelbee on the Edge

    Such a cute look! That really is a wonderful tee. I suppose I should be thankful that my 3 year old hates being dirty! However, every 3 seconds, he’s crying, “Wipe my hands, Mommy.” Or “Wipe my face!” But I hear you about wearing clothes that hide little people dirt…I just always remind myself that I have a washing machine!



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