Cut Offs for Cake

cut off graphic tee

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to go to Flying Star for coffee and cake. They have a pretty little patio that is enclosed by a wall of plants and we always enjoy sitting out there relaxing and playing with the little one. We used to be so strict with him about sweets and didn’t let him have any major sweets until his first birthday, but now we just go with the flow. I always try to choose a smaller, healthier option for him, but in the end he always tries to steal my cake. I’m a sucker for his sweet voice saying “little bite, please” and always give in.iced coffee
how to style wear cut off jean shorts jean shorts coffee date casual summer outfitsimilar tee // shorts (un-rolled) // similar sandals // bag

Most weekends I wear a really casual outfit for one day a dressier outfit for the other day. It’s a good balance for getting errands done and having an excuse to go out somewhere nice or cook a nice dinner the other night. This day I was feeling extremely laid back in a cut off tee and cut off shorts.


12 thoughts on “Cut Offs for Cake

  1. glamdevils

    You look adorable Carly. Love your cool tee. Haha I would give in too. He’s just too cute to say no. Btw that chocolate cake looks very yummy. Wish you a happy hump day!

  2. elle

    love the cut offs and cute tee. A great causal look! I did a similar things when my kids were small, to soda, yes, three sips. to cake, yes, three bites.. ( big ones!) It seems to do the trick, both are grown up now and eating healthily and well, with normal BMI. Whew…
    Super cute sandals too!
    xx, Elle


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