Purple Work-Out Outfit

purple work out clothes

Usually I avoid wearing work out clothes all day.  For some reason I feel way less accomplished if I end the day in leggings and sneakers.  It’s some sort of weird psych issue I have going on. Today was a really active day with a long work out in the morning, followed by nap time, and toddler play date at the park, so I gave in and wore work out clothes all day.  The little one is still challenging me with his terrible threes phase (more about that here) and constant whining, but he was really sweet with his little friends at the park, so that gave me hope that this phase will end soon.

braided side ponytail how to wear patterned leggings polka dot back pack active wearoutfit details: leggings // similar top // similar sneakers // backpack // hair tutorial

I’ve been experimenting with different make-up products and have found the perfect concealer.  It seriously stays on all day even through work outs and I’ve been getting tons of compliments on “my great skin” which is definitely due to the concealer because I don’t have great skin.

 Check it out here.


4 thoughts on “Purple Work-Out Outfit

  1. Andrea Tiffany

    Love those leggings! They are such an awesome vibrant hue and the pattern looks really cool 🙂
    I’m similar. I don’t feel too productive if I wear clothes that are too comfy. I also can’t stand wearing workout clothes if I’m not working out, but that’s just me haha I do love wearing leggings though in general.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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