Denim Clouds & a Denim Outfit for Tea Time

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My little family takes tea time very seriously. I blame it on my hubby being one hundred percent German. The traditional German culture often has tea and cake time in the the late afternoons on weekends. It’s a way to relax, enjoy some sweets, and spend time with the family. My hubby did this throughout his childhood and easily persuaded me to help continue this tradition with ours. It didn’t take much convincing! Most weekends we go to Flying Star for tea time, but last weekend the little one was not in the mood to leave the house so we had tea time on our patio as a storm rolled in. It was perfect timing! We got to enjoy the storm clouds and it started sprinkling just as we headed inside.

chambray shirt distressed jeans all denim outfit denim on denim outfit flowers storm clouds denim braided hair chambray shirt distressed denim jeans espadrilles chambray top // jeans // espadrilles

This chambray shirt is one of my favorite items in my closet.  It’s practical, comfortable, versatile (styled differently here and here), and a classic piece.  For this casual weekend day, I paired it with these distressed jeans that are incredibly comfortable and my favorite espadrilles for simple denim on denim look.  If you haven’t added a chambray shirt to your closet, now is the perfect time to get one since they are the perfect transitional piece for fall.


13 thoughts on “Denim Clouds & a Denim Outfit for Tea Time

  1. elle

    I thin tea is a wonderful tradition, a way to put a pause in the day. Tea outside on your porch, with the clouds and storm rolling in sounds perfect to me! Better than going out! Love your ripped jeans, that look like little clouds on your legs!
    xx, Elle


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