Edgy Stripes

striped dress
For Father’s Day my hubby wanted to go downtown to a little hole in the wall brewery.  It’s not my typical scene, but it was Father’s Day, so I took advantage of the opportunity to wear an edgy outfit and embrace my inner “downtown girl”.  Anytime I am trying to add a bit of edge to my outfit I turn to these strappy heels and add my favorite red lipstick.

On a side note: You can really see my patchy hairline that I always complain about in these pictures.  It’s one of those unpleasant side effects of pregnancy that no one tells you about and unfortunately is permanent for me.  I thought about photo-shopping the pictures, but I want to be real on this blog and show my imperfections too.  If you want a perfectly touched up picture, I assume you will be reading magazines and not blogs.  So here are my bald spots and honestly, I would go completely bald forever if that’s what it took to have my life blessed with my beautiful baby boy.  He is worth every lost hair!

cotton dress strappy wedges subtle make-up striped dress strappy wedge heels edgy street styleSimilar Dress // Earrings // Heels // Lipstick


19 thoughts on “Edgy Stripes

  1. Monique

    It’s a nice dress, excellent for a summer walk. I like you found the perfect place for the photo shooting, living striped.

  2. Amy Ann

    I would never have noticed your hairline. I always think your hair looks so thick and beautiful. Love the shoes for a little edge. Hope you enjoyed the Father’s Day time.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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