Evening Picnic

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Last week was rough.  The little one was sick, all of our plans that we were looking forward to had to be canceled and we were cooped up inside because of the cool, rainy weather.  By the end of the week we were bummed out and there was no way that I was cooking dinner.  I decided to brighten the end of our week with a little family picnic in the courtyard and it totally worked.  Partial sunshine, berries, blooming flowers, a casual striped tank, peasant skirt, and pink cups were all we needed to add a little fun to our day.



28 thoughts on “Evening Picnic

  1. glamdevils

    Omg you guys look adorable! Love your cute skirt. So sorry that your boy was sick. I hope he’s feeling better now. Weather is pretty bad over here too. Wish us both some lovely sunshine and a happy Friday Carly!!


    1. Carly Post author

      Thank you! I hope you get some warm weather soon! I stayed in Germany for a summer several years ago and it was so cold and cloudy compared to the U.S. I don’t know how you guys survive. Hope you had a great weekend

  2. Mica

    Aww I hope your son is feeling better soon! I’m sure the picnic lifted his spirits! 🙂

    It sounds like a fun way to spend an evening too – especially to get out of the house after being unwell. It’s no fun when the little ones are sick!

    Away From The Blue

  3. Amy Ann

    Sorry to hear it was a rough week. I hope your son is feeling better! It’s been really rainy here too. Sounds like a picnic was a perfect was to spend time together.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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