Evening Walks

Gap striped t-shirt orange shorts sneakers

One thing we love to do on warm Summer nights is an evening stroll. It’s so relaxing for the 3 of us to wander neighborhoods gazing at beautiful houses and laughing with the little one as he skips along singing little songs and filling his pockets with treasures to take home like sticks and rocks. These simple moments are the ones I treasure the most and know that I will look back longingly on when he is grown.

I bought these cut-off cordory shorts years ago (similar here) thinking I wouldn’t get much use out of them, but I have actually worn them a lot every Summer. They are a fun pop of color that can spice up any casual t-shirt and tennis shoes look.

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How do you spend your Summer evenings?


21 thoughts on “Evening Walks

  1. glamdevils

    Adorable summer look Carly. I love evening strolls too 😀 Even when it’s raining.
    You’re very welcome. It was a pleasure to have you on our blog. I’m sure we can shoot a black and white look soon 😀 Happy hump day!


  2. Lisa @ Midwest Glam

    We’re forever going out for walks. It doesn’t matter what temperature. We’ve gone in 0 degree weather! I totally agree that they’re simple moments to treasure. 🙂

    Cute shorts! And lovely photos. The ones of you and your son are just too cute!


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