Dutch Fishtail Side Braid Tutorial

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Today I wanted to share a little tutorial on how I do this pretty fishtail side braid. It took me forever to learn and for some reason I found it really confusing, so I tried to include lots of tips and information about mistakes that I made, so hopefully it will be easy for you to learn. I wear these extensions in chestnut brown and use the 18 inch for braids and 16 inch when my hair is loose. These are the hair ties I always use because they blend so easily and these bobby pins are great for pinning big chunks of hair on the back of the head in place.

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Create a deep side part
  2. Gather hair to one side of head
  3. Section out a three inch wide and one inch deep section of hair at the part line
  4. Divide section into two pieces
  5. Take a small strand of hair from the outside part of one of the section and cross it under to join the middle area of the other section of hair
  6. Repeat on the opposite section
  7. Take a small strand of hair that is free and join it to a small strand of hair from outer part of the opposing section of hair and join the two strands together to make one strand.
  8. Cross the joined strands under the section of hair to join the middle portion of the opposite section
  9. Repeat on the opposite section
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 until there is no more free hair to add to the braid.
  11. Now repeat steps 5-6 until the braid is completed.
  12. Secure braid with a clear elastic.
  13. With one hand on the tail of the braid, take the other hand and gently work up and down the braid pulling the section up and and out and massaging them to make the braid fuller.
  14. Secure back of hair with a large bobby pin and finish with hairspray if needed.

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