4 Beautiful Side Braids

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Side braids are one of my favorite hairstyles. They are so versatile ranging from a fancy braid like the dutch fishtail braid, which is a great party hairstyle, to a sporty braid like the rope braid, which is more of a lazy day kinda braid. Today I thought I would share 4 of my favorite side braids and some braiding tips.

dutch side braid

1. Dirty or textured hair makes braids look polished and fuller. If you want to braid freshly washed hair try applying some dry shampoo first. I always use this dry shampoo and it works great!

rope braid

2. Pull the braid out, but not too much. Pulling the braid out will make it look much fluffier and larger, but if you do it too much you will create loops and loose ends and the braid will start falling apart. You can see how to pull braids apart in this video.

french side braid fancy

3. If you have thin hair, try braiding with extensions so you have more hair to work with. Invest in a pair of extensions if you are going to be braiding your hair often. I use these clip-in hair extensions, which have lasted me 9 months so far!

fishtail side braid

You can see tutorials for these braids and several others here.

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