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I love how a look can be transformed by a pair of glasses.  A classic, little black dress look can transform to a hot librarian look with the addition of glasses and a ballerina bun.  To transform a rolled out of bed look throw on a pair of glasses to draw attention away from the tousled hair and bare face, and you’ll achieve the ever so popular effortlessly chic look.  Needless to say, whether you require prescription eye wear (like me) or have twenty-twenty vision a versatile pair of glasses is a must have accessory.  Head over to Eyeglass Discounter to check out more great glasses options.

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6 thoughts on “Glasses–A Must Have Accessory

  1. Zanna

    I agree completely! I started needing glasses in high school and hated it, so wore contacts every day for more than five years. Now I discovered a set of glasses that work perfectly for me (and are not that different from the ones you have on in this post) and I actually like how I look with them more than without now! Would never have thought it was possible: glasses are chic 🙂

    1. Dresses & Denim Post author

      I had a similar experience. I am so glad glasses have become so much more stylish in the past 5 years


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