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9 Hairstyles in Under 10 Minutes

Tonight I’m going for highlights, so I thought today I would feature my hairstyles over the past few weeks.  Hopefully it will give you some hairstyle ideas and prove you don’t have to wear your hair the same way everyday.  All of these hairstyles can be done in under 10 minutes.  Here is the tutorial for the hairstyle in the picture above.

My hair has been it’s natural brown color for the past 2 years.  It’s definitely time for a change, especially because I’m starting to get some grays that are driving me crazy.  I really do believe the old wives tells about stress causing gray hair.  When I was in the hospital in pre-term labor with my son I noticed tons of baby gray hairs coming out and now after surviving the killer flu that became pneumonia and a broken rib I have even more grays.  First world problems, I know!  These grays have given me the motivation to try a new hair color, but I am so nervous.  I will be sharing the before and after pictures with the “Hair of the Day” group so tune in there to see the result.

fishtail braid hairstyle ideas fishtail braids pig tails medium length brunette hair dutch side braid for long brown hair

Dutch Side Braid Tutorial

half-up ponytail hairstyle idea

Half-Up Hair Tutorial

braided hairstyles pigtail three strand braids with a hat loose waves hairstyle chestnut brown hair

braided side ponytail

You can see video tutorials for these hairstyles and other ones I love here.

Also, if you love seeing hairstyles, be sure to join the “Hair of the Day” Facebook group here.


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