Fall Colors with a Button Down Skirt

how to style wear a blanket scarf button down skirt over the knee boots

There is something so magical about fall. The crisp evening air, colorful leaves, and smell of fireplaces burning in the air calms my usually high strung personality and leaves me wanting to snuggle under blankets everyday. However, the change of seasons seems to excite my already very energized little one. He points out every red leaved tree with wide eyes saying “RED tree, Mama?!” in a sweet little half question, half statement way. It’s so precious and gives me nostalgia for the little town in Virginia where we attended grad school. There fall was a spectacular event and much more colorful than the brown, orange color palette of New Mexico’s falls.

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Skirt (c/o-size up) // Scarf // Similar Shirt // Boots // Hair Tutorial

Since nature isn’t giving me a vibrant, colorful fall I decided to put together a colorful outfit.  This button down skirt from ROMWE is the perfect color for fall and winter and is only $14.  Paired with a blanket scarf and over the knee boots it’s a cozy outfit for cooler evenings.  As it gets colder I will wear it with a leather jacket and tights.

It’s not too late to get in to the button down skirt trend.  This skirt is the perfect affordable option for incorporating the trend in to your wardrobe.


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243 thoughts on “Fall Colors with a Button Down Skirt

  1. Hayley

    this outfit is so cute! I love the way you styled that button up skirt, we aren’t getting much fall weather here either but I’m not complaining too much!
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Fashion Friday this week!
    Hayley – smartypantsfashion.com

  2. Jess

    Love this look and color palette! So gorgeous and fall-y! I am wary of both button-down skirts and over-the-knee boots, but this post certainly gave me some inspiration on how to rock them! 🙂

  3. Mickie Hinds

    beautiful outfit! I love skirts in the fall, but I have never been brave enough to pull it off. yours looks great!

  4. Sarah

    Cute outfit! But I think I’m most in love with either your boots or your scarf! I need to incorporate more scarves into my wardrobe.

  5. Necta Nelson

    i Love this burst of red color for fall.The boots , skirt ,bag and scarf all go nicely together. I would rock this look!

  6. Jamie Johnson

    Forget the outfit, I’m digging your hair! I LOVE the way you did your braids! So cute and yet still so posh! It goes great with the outfit, too. My favorite part is the scarf and then the boots, for sure. Love the whole ensemble! Great pick!

  7. Kimbre Music

    I love pops of color in the fall. It helps to get through the rain and grey sky! And red is my favorite color too!

  8. Marian

    I love this outfit! The price of the skirt is absolutely awesome! I have never been into button down skirts but this one is really cute 🙂

  9. Alyssa E

    We just moved to a new house with a fire place over a year now and we loved using the fire place! I can’t wait to use it and sit by the fire and being warm and cozy. I also love the color of the leaves! This blanket scarf is so cute! I don’t think I’ve seen this one before!

  10. Ada

    A deep red skater skirt is perfect for the holiday season, especially paired with a red plaid scarf. I love the colors of that blanket scarf and how your red/white/black plaid scarf matches with your son’s plaid shirt. Too cute.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Carly. 🙂 Ada.

  11. Ruth

    I love the boots and bag, for me; I would need a slightly longer skirt for my hips and thighs. The colors I would keep.

  12. Annmarie W.

    Cute! I love that button front stule! (although I wish I could wear skirts so short. I need a longer skirt to cover my legs up!)

  13. Kimberly S

    That is the cutest outfit..I have a plaid skirt like the red one but mine is gray and pink plaid..my fav piece this year.

  14. Priscilla Skelton

    I just love your style. You look so fresh in each outfit. And, you look like a different person with each different hairstyle you entertain. Each photo is a big surprise. Love it!

  15. Brittany chadwick

    I absolutely love this outfit, too bad it’s got too cold here to wear it. I’ll have to find a skirt like this for the spring or next fall.

  16. Kristin DeSalle

    Love the button skirt trend! I’ve been eyeing the denim version from Gap. It’s mine if the price ever drops!!

  17. Sherry Keef

    I love this but it would have to be worn by my granddaughter.
    Merry Christmas Everyone. Dear Santa, please
    Gift me this MC HANDBAG for Christmas.

  18. Ellen Thompson

    I love the outfit! The scarf ties it all together perfectly. I think this outfit would look really cute on my daughter but, unfortunately she doesn’t really like to wear skirts.

  19. Sally Gearhart

    Oh my do I want this outfit! My favorite color is red so this would be perfect for me! 🙂 I really love it 🙂

  20. lisa

    Your son looks just like you. That’s funny, because my grand children look exactly like my daughter. The outfit looks alright. It’s not quite my style. The boots are cute.

  21. Christi E

    I love the outfit, it is absolutely gorgeous, and your post makes me a little bit jealous! I live in Texas, and we really don’t have much Fall. I miss out on the beautiful changing colors.

  22. Robin

    You look stunning in the outfit. I am so jealous of your long legs…what I wouldn’t give for them to be able to wear those boots and skirt. Perfect match!


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