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layered t-shirts skinny jeans leggings nike sneakersbrunette dutch fancy side braid red tee black long sleeve t-shirthow to style wear sneakers weekend outfitoutfit details: red tee // jeans // sneakers // braid tutorial (takes less than 7 minutes!)

Everyone mentions the terrible twos, but why don’t people warn about the threes?  Seriously, I’ve had complete strangers pat me on the back and offer encouraging words when they learned the little one was two, but no one says a word about the tortuous threes.  I enjoyed the two year old stage as my little one was perfecting his language and motor skills, but now he’s this demanding ball of energy who asks “why?” a million times a day.  Sometimes I think I’m going to lose my mind if I have to rationalize why it’s not acceptable to wear fire truck pajamas everywhere!  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mommy and adore my son, but I sure hope this terrible three stage is short lived and my sweet little boy returns soon…..clearly it’s been a rough day.

I wore this casual outfit for a day with the little one filled with play dates and errands.  He is way too fast for me to keep up with, but I have found that if I wear sneakers and my favorite stretchy “mom” jeans I stand a chance.



2 thoughts on “Casual Outfit Inspiration

  1. elle the Elle Diaries

    Love the sleek black jeans and tee with the extra red layer! super cool!
    All of that questioning will pay off when he grows up to be scholar! And this does remind me of a time when I let my daughter choose her own outfits for school, she was four when she wore her brother’s PJ top- which was a graphic tee of some sort- with her overalls.. i decided then that I would have to pick my battles. It turned out she was on to a great trend 22 years ago! 🙂
    So good you can run fast!
    xx, Elle


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