Long Locks

Extensions: Euronext (18 inch in chestnut brown) // Shirt: Old Navy (old)

Pregnancy left me with a beautiful baby boy and bald spots.  I’m not kidding, the bald spots are bad.  Like so bad my hair dresser casually brought up that Rogaine might be a good option for me.  I had hoped the hair would grow back, but my little one just turned two and I still have balding patches on both temples and a mildly receding hairline.  I accepted the hair is not coming back until I get pregnant again, which doesn’t seem like a good reason to grow my family right now, so I have decided to give extensions a try.  I’ve been experimenting with these clip-in extensions from Sally’s for the past month and think they are pretty amazing.  Long, thick, luscious locks without a baby bump……what’s not to love?!


8 thoughts on “Long Locks

  1. Elle

    LOve your hair !,
    I am sorry about your hair coming out though, I am sure you ran a thyroid panel and ruled out all of the auto immune diseases!
    The upside, is wow!, love your new hair.
    I am losing a bit of hair , too, from methotrexate , so I will keep this in mind!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Xx, Elle

    1. Dresses & Denim Post author

      Thanks Elle! Yeah, it’s just hair loss of pregnancy. But oh well, extensions are tons of fun.

  2. Texas Jak

    Man, so sorry to hear about the hair loss. It seems like your handling it quite well. Well I hope that those spots do eventually fill in, but in the meantime, those extensions look beautiful on you. I bet your husband likes it too!
    Texas Jak

  3. mark

    those are extensions? wow! looks natural! you look very pretty with them! sorry to hear what pregnancy did to you! i would never have known had i not read your post here!


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