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Like all moms, I’m head over heels in love with my little one.  I want to remember every smile, every step, every mile stone, and every minute in between.  We take tons of pictures in an attempt to capture and hold on to these memories forever.  At the end of every year I sort through the thousands of pictures we took and organize them in to a photo album that I order 4 copies of.  One for each set of grand-parents, one for us, and one for the safe as back-up (crazy mom right here!).

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We started taking pictures for the photo albums the minute I found out I was pregnant, and I am so glad I did.  It’s fun to have pictures of that time to share with the little one and he is fascinated by the idea of being in my belly.  He also loves looking at pictures of himself as a “teeny tiny baby” as he calls it.

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In today’s digital age, it’s easy to loose track of pictures and only have electronic albums, but it’s way more fun to actually have a book to look at. The little one is so proud that he had books all about him and he loves looking at them with me and hearing stories about his birth, the first time he met his grandpa, and the first time his daddy held him.  It’s so sweet

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I’ve tried out several different programs to create the albums, and Mixbook is by far my favorite program.  It runs smoothly, loads pictures quickly and has a fully customizable option so I don’t have to spend hours fighting with templates.

Photo albums make great presents for relatives, so if you are trying to think of a great gift for in-laws or parents you might consider doing a photo album.


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4 thoughts on “Memories in Photos

  1. Katie

    I totally agree with you that creating an actual physical photo album is important. There is something about having a book on the shelf to pull out and look at as a family. I will definitely be doing this when I have kids. And I really like your idea of holding a back-up copy in your safe. Now I think I’m going to plan to do that too!!

    1. Carly Post author

      I think so too, of course I am totally biased. You are right, they certainly are a treasure. Thanks for stopping and leaving a sweet comment!


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