Mix & Match

Top // Similar Skirt // Heels // Hat // Bag

As I re-do my wardrobe, I am trying to stay focused on clothes I can wear most of the year.  Sure I may need to add a some leggings, a hat, or denim coat to keep warm, but there is no reason to box up half my wardrobe when the seasons change.  Instead I prefer to mix and match Spring staples like a striped tee, with Fall staples like this felt hat.  I wore this mix and match outfit last week on a brisk morning to do some shopping and it worked perfectly for keeping warm, but still felt Spring appropriate.


7 thoughts on “Mix & Match

  1. Beth

    You look absolutely stunning! Those shoes are killer on you. I wish I could wear shoes that high, sadly I am just coordinated enough haha! You’re so right about mix n’ matching clothes for the weather, definitely made me think I need to re-look at my closet!

  2. candace

    love the white clutch! so timeless and matches everything. and that hat looks really cute, too! totally agree- I hate having to say bye to all my winter clothes so I try to mix and match to keep everything out all year
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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