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button down shirt

There are few household chores that I dislike more than ironing. I will seriously not wear a shirt for months because I am avoiding having to iron it. You can imagine my excitement when I came across these no iron classic collared shirts. They aren’t perfect…..they still have some wrinkles, but compared to the traditional collared shirts they wrinkle way less. If you pull them from the dryer immediately and hang them up they are basically wrinkle free.

There are some great options for no iron shirts. This two tone one is definitely on my wish list and this striped no iron shirt is so classy.

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24 thoughts on “No-Iron Shirt

  1. Chichi

    Not a fan of ironing myself! I have piles waiting always so the non ironing stuff is such a relief!

  2. Brooke

    I hate ironing too!! I used to buy my son those cute little button down tops, until I realized that they just shriveled up into a wrinkly mess and I’m not about to iron baby clothes! This top looks great!


  3. Sahra

    I love how crisp the shirt is! I have non-iron shirts from Brooks Brothers but these are way more reasonably priced!

    Also, I don’t own an iron xO I steam all of my clothes with a handheld Jiffy Steamer! It’s a little more fun and way less harsher on fine fabrics! You can even use them on delicates and silks (just not leather!)

    xo Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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