Leopard and Chambray

how to style wear chambray shirt leopard fur coat black gloves chambray shirt over the knee bootsoutfit details: coat // similar top // jeans // boots ($68!)

The little one’s favorite place in the whole world is the zoo, so we go there a lot.  It is so cute watching run around talking to the animals even if it is only 40 degrees.  He walked up to a baby giraffe and said “you are soooo cute!” in a high pitched whisper.  Then he walked over to the elephants, which are his favorite and said “Hello mister elephant.  How are you doing today?” whole heartedly expecting the elephant to talk back.  Needless to say he didn’t.  He finally found a talking bird, that quite amused!

I got tons of prolonged looks in this outfit.  Maybe it’s not socially acceptable to wear a leopard coat to the zoo, but it’s obviously fake so I thought it would be okay…..apparently not.  It is crazy warm though, so at least I wasn’t freezing while we braved the zoo in the middle of winter.

Via Spiga currently has a leopard coat that I am obsessed with on sale for $80!


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