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pleated pink maxi skirt

Last night we had some college friends visit from Texas.  I was going to wear this maxi skirt for the evening but then wisely decided against it, since dry clean only and four toddlers seemed like a bad idea.  It was the first dinner party we’ve hosted in our new house and it was so fun!  There is something about my college friends that is so comforting to me.  I guess spending 3 years together doing everything (classes, meals, parties, athletic events, and just hanging out) together creates a bond that truly lasts forever.

We have all grown up now and our parties are way more sophisticated, instead of hanging out eating pizza out of the box and drinking the cheapest beer possible we eat off fancy foreign china and sip wine from local wineries.  Our lives have changed, but the support and love we offer each other hasn’t and it makes me so happy to be with them.

We grilled steaks, sipped wine, and sat on the porch watching our children play talking about our careers and reminiscing on some of the fun college days.  Then we used the kiva fireplace for the first time since moving in to make s’mores.  Our kiddos were so cute with their gooey smiles glowing in the firelight.  It was a beautiful night…….

pink maxi skirt blush t-shirt statement necklace braided hair dutch braid pink monochromatic outfit pink outfit pink maxi skirt blush tee braided hair stone necklaceoutfit details: similar skirt // tee // sandals // purse // hair tutorial

I love flowy maxi shirts.  They look so beautiful billowing in the wind like walking artwork.  If you are having trouble finding the right length of a maxi skirt, remember you can always adjust the length by knotting it with a hair tie at the top of the slit.

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4 thoughts on “All Things Pink

  1. kathleen

    Love your posts.
    Please, where are the pics taken? I LOVE the backdrops and they remind me of Arizona but you live in Texas?
    Could you tell me what state and area of state that the dessert/cacti/red tile is in?
    Thank you so much.
    Keep the Pink!

    1. Carly Post author

      These pictures are taken New Mexico. The state loves to have beautiful outdoor fireplaces that are just so pretty. I’m so glad you like it. Thanks for the sweet comment!


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