Rain Boots in the Desert + Bingo Shoutout

spring outfit rain boots

Last weekend we went to the farmer’s market, which was surprisingly good for New Mexico.  It had tons of local farmers selling spring plants.  There weren’t many fruits and vegetables, I guess it’s too early in the season for produce.  The hubby and I got inspired to start our own garden (see of the garden in our previous house here).  We mapped out a little patch behind the back yard that is shaded and has dark soil (that’s good right?), set up the drip system to it, and planted a few fruit plants.  I feel like I should clarify that when I say we did this, I really mean the hubby did it while I watched.  Then we got the grand idea that we should plant a bunch of fruit trees in the arroyo section of our lot, which is where we took these pictures.  We’re trying to choose a good area to plant and a type of fruit tree that can withstand the New Mexico heat.

I wore this dress with these sandals to the farmer’s market and then pulled on my trusty rain boots for exploring the arroyo.  This outfit completely transforms from a cute summer outfit with sandals to an urban gardening outfit with the rain boots.

gray rain boots empire waist blue dress jean jacket fishtail braid braided hair

I have gotten tons of questions about this open tail braid, I promise I will do a tutorial on it soon.

blue dress jean jacket rain boots pink belt spring summer outfit ideas casual cotton fit and flare dress denim jacket cotton flared dress springoutfit details: similar dress // boots // jean jacket // hair tutorial

I’ve been thinking about getting rain boots in more colors and there are some really cute ones available.  Here’s the ones I have my eye on:

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13 thoughts on “Rain Boots in the Desert + Bingo Shoutout

  1. Betsy Burleson

    First off, love your braid!! My hair is finally getting long enough for me to start experimenting with more braids! Second, this part of your yard is amazing and beautiful!! Lucky 🙂 Keep us up to date on the newly planted garden!!
    We’d love to see you at our Tuesday Fashion Party Link Up
    Betsy and Katey

  2. Chrissy

    That’s funny. I went to the Farmer’s Market with my sister last weekend…still working on that post though. 😉 And bingo? I don’t know why bingo is so fun to me. My boys have dog bingo, which features every breed of dog. Fun, right? I’ve not tried online bingo but I’ll have to to check it out. And as always, cute outfit…The dress look so comfortable and your pictures make me want to travel. Chrissy


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