Tennis Time!

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My hubby loves tennis.  He was actually the New Mexico tennis state champion back in his high school days, so when we started dating I knew I wanted to take up the sport so we could play together.  Every summer we  play tennis on the weekends and I’m finally good enough to play a whole game!  It’s also given me a good excuse to get a cute tennis outfit to add to my work out clothes collection (see my favorite hiking outfit here).

With our recent move to a new neighborhood came the need to change clubs too.  I loved the last club we were members of.  It had the most beautiful mountain views and a really relaxing atmosphere.  The club that’s near our new house is heavily focused on fitness, which has been a major disappointment.  I usually spend 3 days or so a week with the little one at the pool in the summer, but the club we are currently members of only has a tiny area that is less than five feet deep since they have a swim team.  It’s not appealing at all, so I’m a little bummed about that (rough life, I know!).  They do offer drop in childcare, which the little one loves, and it allows me and the hubby to play tennis for an hour without having the little one on the court with us, so that’s a plus.  I guess I should have asked about that before we became members…..lesson learned.  Next summer we will try out yet another club and see if it has a better social atmosphere.

country club outfit tennis skirt white t-shirt athletic outfit braided pig tails white sunglasses tennis outfitoutfit details: tee // similar skirt // similar sneakers // sunglasses

Below are some cute athletic skirts that will make any tennis outfit super cute:

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5 thoughts on “Tennis Time!

  1. Chrissy

    That’s adorable Carly. And I had to take a peek at your hiking outfit because that’s something my husband and I are “taking up”. Both cute. P.S. Tennis is DIFFICULT, so props to you!! I’ve had a few coaching lessons and practices and couldn’t get that ball to stay in the court. Once my boys are older I may try again…who knows. Have a great day!


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