The Traditional Poncho

Poncho: custom made // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: TOMS

Ponchos are always a good idea.  They are the perfect cover-up for those cool Spring nights or to throw on at the beach .  They come in so many fun patterns and colors that it’s no surprise that all the major designers (including Valentino) have created their version of the perfect poncho.  Since I live in New Mexico, a state rich in Native American and Hispanic influences, I feel an obligation to feature a traditional poncho look.  They were originally designed to be an inexpensive, versatile item that could easily be added to any outfit and keep with the laid back, traditional Native American and Hispanic styles.  They have since evolved to be a fun, flirty garment that is beloved by designers and fashion enthusiasts throughout the world.

Proof of the Evolution:


14 thoughts on “The Traditional Poncho

  1. LoveCompassionateLee

    Beautiful style post! I love the colors of your poncho and how you styled it with those white jeans.

    Happy Friday, Carly 🙂


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