Tips & Tricks for Perfect Braids

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Dresses-And-Denim-Blog Fishtail BraidDutch Fishtail Braid Tutorial // Post

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You may have noticed I have a bit of an obsession with braids.  Mastering braids took a lot of practice, but the time paid off because now I can do a variety of braids in less than 10 minutes!  Today I wanted to share my best tips and tricks for braids.

1. Dirty or textured hair is a braid’s best friend.
I have tried over and over again to braid my hair the day that I wash it and it never turns out looking right. There are way too many fly-aways and the braid looks flat when done on clean hair. Braids need some texture to hold them together and give them body.  Going 2-3 days without washing your hair will give it the perfect amount of texture for a beautiful braid.  If you like to wash your hair more frequently you can add texture by combing in some hair spray or dry shampoo before you braid. This is the dry shampoo I use.

2. Extensions are key
If you have tons of thick hair, you are all set for a beautiful braid! I don’t…..For those of you with thin hair like me, extension can make a huge difference when braiding.  They add the extra volume needed for a big fluffy braid.  My favorite extensions for braids are these in chestnut brown.

3. Hairspray around your face.
Most people have new hair growth at the hairline. If you start by spraying a moderate amount of hairspray along the hairline and brushing it through the hair, the braid will look more polished.

4. Pull-out and pan the braid .
To make a braid look big and fluffy pull it out and pan (rub it between your fingers and flatten the braid) it.  You can see an example of how I pull out and pan braids here.

5. Color matters.
Braids stand out much better in highlighted hair or hair with variable coloring. If you are planning on braiding your hair often, if may be worthwhile to get some low lights and high lights to really make the braids pop.  I’ve put some serious thought into getting caramel colored highlights to make my braids stand out, but can’t commit to the up keep right now.

Check out my favorite braided hairstyle, the double dutch braid.  It’s a gorgeous hairstyle that looks great from all angles.


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Updated 12/6/15.


18 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks for Perfect Braids

  1. elle

    I love the braids on you and learned a lot by reading this. I always try with freshly washed hair..
    I love all of these pictures! A braid is classic, but is trendy now, too. I love how you added the photo of you doing laundry with the little one. When you have such a pretty face, braids keep your hair neatly off your face, and frames it well, too.
    Well done!
    xx, Elle

    1. Carly Post author

      Thank you, Elle! I so appreciate your sweet comments! I used to always try to braid with clean hair and they never turned out right. Having greasy hair makes a huge difference. It holds together and makes it much fuller

    1. Carly Post author

      Thank you, Laura! You can use extensions. I use them for a lot of my braids because my hair is a bit short for a lot of them. Sally’s has affordable extensions that work great for braids

    1. Carly Post author

      Thank you! Yeah, practice definitely makes perfect. I just posted a braid tutorial and will be doing some regularly. Hopefully you will find those helpful

    1. Carly Post author

      Haha! I think it would be awesome if your bf braided your hair. It took me a few months. If you look through the archieves you will see my braids progressively get better. Just keep trying…..practice makes perfect!


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