Baseball Game Outfit

baseball game outfit

This weekend we went with a group to a minor league baseball game.  I haven’t been to a baseball game since high school, because I always thought the games were too long and slow paced.  I embraced the event and put together my best baseball game outfit and it was way more fun than I remembered.  We ate tons of junk food, sang songs, watched the little one try to catch fly balls that were no where near him, and left freezing thanks to a weekend cold front moving in.  We even got snow!  I hope the weather figures out it is spring and blesses us with shorts weather again soon.

plaid flannel shirt distressed jeans braids and baseball hat baseball game outfit plaid shirt distressed jeans baseball cap fishtail braided pigtails spring outfitoutfit details: similar hat // jeans // similar sweater // shirt // shoes

A cute baseball hat is a great accessory for spicing up a casual outfit.  Mine is from last season, but there are several others available now that are so cute:


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