Snowy Day in the Mountains

snow day outfit

Last weekend we headed up to the top of Sandia Peak.  It is a different world on the back side of the mountain.  As we drove higher and higher snow started appearing.  I was so excited because we get very little snow in city. city view how to style wear an infinity scarf

snow day playing in the snow

We explored the Sandia Peak lodge area, which had tons of scenic look outs and an inch or two of snow.  Then we headed back to the forests.  The little one is obsessed with his construction trucks and carried his little front loader all over.  At first he thought it was fun to scoop up snow with it and then his hands got cold and he cried.  Hopefully he’ll decide he likes his mittens soon…… braided hairstyles snow day in the mountains

We headed into the lodge for hot chocolate and to get warmed by the fire.  He was a happy camper after that.  There is nothing that hot chocolate won’t fix!

how to style wear a plaid shirt tree with frost playing in the snow infinity scarf puffer vest plaid shirt skinny jeans rain bootsoutfit details: Vest // Top // Boots // Jeans // Similar Scarf // Coat

Layers were key for the day, since the temperature fluctuated drastically from the look outs to the forest to the lodge.  I paired this vibrant plaid top that I got for our trip to Alaska with a winter vest and a basic infinity scarf.

This vest is the perfect piece for layering and adding a pop of color to a winter outfit and is only $17!

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16 thoughts on “Snowy Day in the Mountains

    1. Carly Post author

      I hope you get snow soon! We had to travel 45 minutes into the mountains to find snow, but it snowed in our city yesterday. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Carly Post author

      It was a really fun progression to see the snow gather as we went higher and higher up the mountain. I’m glad you like the outfit! Thanks for the sweet comment

  1. mary

    Hi Carly,
    Happy to find your blog! This outfit is so cute… I have all the same ingredients to do this outfit but with a slightly different color scheme. That’s one of the reasons I love reading fashion blogs… to get ideas and inspiration from others!

    I love your photos and they make me excited for a snowy winter!



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