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women's business casual outfit

I’ve been busy with a lot of business meetings lately, because I am in the middle of switching jobs and negotiating new contracts.  I thought it was about time I shared a women’s business casual outfit with you guys.  Business casual outfits have taken on a ton of variety in the past few years ranging from tailored ankle pants to flared skirts with ruffled blouses and patterned professional clothes are now trending too.  Dressing professional definitely doesn’t mean dressing boring anymore, but it’s important to recognize what’s appropriate in your professional setting and wear clothes that won’t distract from your hard-work.

business casual outfit

I work in a very conservative industry, so I tend to stick to a classic take on women’s business casual outfits for important meetings.  My favorite professional clothing items are fitted pencil dresses, midi skirts, blazers, subtle gold jewelry, and classic pointed toe pumps.  You can see another one of my professional outfits here.

blonde hair loose beachy waves hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyles for work, I stick with basic classy hair-dos and leave my braided hairstyles for days spent at home.  My favorite professional hairstyles are subtle curls or a cotton candy bun, if I don’t have time to curl my hair.

professional dress blazer Calvein Klein heels pumps black purse

This dress is a handy me down from years ago and honestly I can’t even remember who it’s from, but I’m glad it still fits.  I love the camel color, which breaks away from the traditional gray and black shades that most professional dresses come in.  Paired with a classic black blazer and pumps it creates a classic, but still interesting professional outfit.  I always have a hard time with waist lines in fitted dresses either being to tight or puckering outward, so I always add a skinny belt to help with the puckering.  It also helps break up the color.

professional dressoutfit details: dress – vintage (similar here) // heels: Calvin Klein // purse: PayLess (old, similar here) // blazer : Express

More clothes that are perfect for creating a women’s business casual outfit:


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